The Framework


Unlike Unity's default Shaders, NextGenSprites allows you to enable only the effects you need. This saves performance and energie by getting rid of unnecesery shader instructions.

You can also toggle features at runtime via Scripting or Playmaker.


NextGenSprites empowers you in your creative vision with advanced effects which you won't get with Unity's Standard Shader.

All features are build with performance in mind and run from mobile devices up to consoles.

Curvature w/ Specularity
Emission /w Masking + Layered
Dissolve w/ Edge Glow
Liquid/Lava /w Speed properties
Scrolling (X,Y) /w Speed properties
Reflection /w distortion by Curvature + Screen Space scrolling
Shadow receiving
Multi Layer w/ alpha support, tinting

All features allow extensive controll with many properties, masking and layering. Take a look at the Wiki or Web-Demo to learn more


With the Inspector you are never lost and each panel comes with an help button.

Furthermore you get helpers along the Editor for creating Materials or loading and storing Material Property Collections.


All features and properties can be modified by scripting and you also get some goodies like DualMaterials.

Playermaker actions are included to get you started without writing any line of code!

Wiki + Tutorials

The Wiki is the Place where you can find all ressources and tutorials you need to get started!
Also check out the YouTube channel where you find many tutorials.

Are you ready?

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